Travelwatch - Environmental Consultancy for Travel and Tourism

Travelwatch is a tourism-led consultancy group with international expertise in:

Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Travelwatch consultants have senior leadership and executive experience from a number of blue-chip companies and institutions such as Thomson Travel, British Airways and leading academic institutions and world trade bodies, from which to give you the benefit of their knowledge, expertise and management insight. Click here for more About...

Marketing & Web Development

Many Travelwatch clients have sought input into strategic marketing projects, including the shift to web commerce in the new 'digital age' whilst maintaining the core strengths of their existing business or operation = the challenge of 'bricks and clicks'.

Education & Training

Travelwatch is able to help in the field of education and training from both a management perspective and also from extensive experience in both designing and delivering programmes, for business and also academic purposes.


Travelwatch consultants have many years' experience in high-level advisory work for corporations, NGOs, charities and other bodies incorporating strategy, design, project management and operational delivery plus Non-Executive Director and Chairmanship roles.

Representation, Events, Conferences & Incentives

Travelwatch can provide Sales & Representation services to complement Strategic Marketing, with extensive experience in the specialist fields of Events, Conferences & Incentives.
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Travelwatch was originally established as a tourism-led Consultancy group, supporting the development of 'Future Tourism' with international expertise in environmental science and built-environment sustainability.

The Travelwatch team of consultants and associates offer you expertise in:

  • Resource inventory/surveys
  • Development policy/strategy
  • Integrated business planning
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Environmental Audit
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility / Reporting
  • Health and Safety
  • Government relations and The Law
  • Built Environment Sustainability
  • Business Systems
  • Project Management and Execution
  • Consultation and Facilitation
  • Benchmarking and Market Research
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Communication, Training and Crisis Management

Recommendations are communicated clearly with illustrated reports and the latest multimedia and software techniques as appropriate.

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